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Loyalty Costs Less Than Facebook Ads

I just don’t understand this? Why do businesses put so much emphasis, time and effort on attracting new clients instead of communicating and upselling with existing clients? Why are you watering the neighbours’ grass instead of watering your own first? Too much emphasis is put on running Facebook ads, having special offers for new clients […]

Emily in Paris is giving marketing a bad name

I love Emily in Paris. It’s a cute, quirky, easy-to-watch series on Netflix about a girl who moves to Paris to work in an agency as a social media manager. It was Netflix’s most popular comedy series in 2020 with over 58 million households watching it within its first 28 days. However, it’s the depiction of […]

Entertaining Marketing Is The New Black

“Let me entertain you!” Robbie Williams had it right when he belted out those lyrics. We live in a world of entertainment. Our obsession with Netflix binges, stupid cat videos on YouTube or expecting the latest blockbuster to deliver some much… As much as you might not like to hear this, entertainment extends into business. […]

What a marketing role is NOT!

My fellow marketers and I are not happy! Someone, please explain to me why employers expect a marketing person to be able to fulfil multiple roles when they are hired to do one. I saw this post in a marketing group and I have seen so many roles advertised by recruiters that are similar. It […]

This is how to TALK to me during a pandemic!

One of my biggest frustrations during this pandemic is the poor communication on websites, particularly government websites So, so, so much generic blah that tells you nothing. Links that send you back to where you were, misinformation from the same department And don’t even start me on finally get through to someone in the call […]