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This is for bosses who are super busy, don’t love marketing or just don’t have the marketing smarts and would prefer someone do the high kicks, crunch the data, and burn the calories for them.

Only apply if you are serious and committed to this workout. Price hunters need not apply!

As a boutique consultancy, I have only a limited amount of time available in my calendar for what I call ‘client doing work’.

So, I work with a small select group of clients that I hand-select based on the following criteria:

  • Willingness to commit to their marketing program
  • Want to listen, learn, and action advice I share
  • Ability to invest in a marketing solution
  • Similar values to me
  • Likes to keep it human and have a laugh when working hard

If you require a custom solution then we can work out what is required and make that happen also. That’s what being small and flexible allows us to do.

See some of the clients I have done this for previously HERE.

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