Giving back and helping others

The more I generate in revenue, the more I like to give back to charity and organisations that are making a positive impact to make the world a better place. I am particularly passionate about education for young girls who would not have a chance to go to school, due to their cultural upbringing. This is why I am a regular contributor to One Girl, Room to Read & Kiva.

Sustainable business

I try to do my part to minimise my impact on the earth. I have been a recycler for years and think everything we do adds up. I made a vow this year to further lessen my impact on the earth and have minimised plastic in the house, minimise chemicals being used, buying biodegradable products and choose food with little to no additional packaging. I believe we can all do our part.

Being human & authentic

I am me. I don’t try to pretend to be something I am not. I am effervescent, fun, professional, honest and believe in working hard and also enjoying life. My social posts reflect my day to day life and share my experiences in business and beyond.

Experiences & travel

Being a digital I can work from anywhere and with clients all over the world. All I need is a laptop, phone and wifi connection and I am good to go. So you will often find me in different parts of the world, with laptop in hand. For me there are no business days or down days as I am jump in an out of both as needs. I design my life and business to be flexible and to work to suit my style.