The last thing you feel like doing after working all day for your clients, is to spend hours marketing your business.

Hey, You’re a passionate owner of a boutique sizes B2B business, with a very busy life.

You spend your day seeing clients and solving their problems, hurrying through the day, barely time to each lunch, and feel like you fail to get to your To-Do list on most days. You never get to tasks that are important to your business growth because you haven’t made it a priority.

If you are really honest you will admit that marketing intimidates and overwhelms you so you get stuck on the hamster wheel – a cycle of procrastination, telling yourself you will get to it, maybe trying in a half-hearted attempt to set up some marketing which fails because you didn’t give it the attention it deserved. Then you go back to square one and try it all over again in a few months time when you need to get some new customers. All the while getting frustrated, wasting valuable time, and making no progress on your business growth goals.

But what are you changing in order to get a different outcome?

You want to generate new business, but you don’t dedicate any time to it. See the problem here?

NEWSFLASH: it doesn’t need to be that hard. You don’t need to invest in a 12-month program, expensive software or the latest bright and shiny trend to get consistent marketing for your business.

You just need simple marketing tactics that give you the freedom to concentrate on running your business. You need to know where to start, what to do, and how to do set it up on autopilot to generate new business without having to sell a kidney to pay for it.

If you want an easier way (and you’d prefer to have someone do it for you), book a Digital Coffee and let’s create a plan to make it happen for you in 2021.