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it’s all about me…

(just ask my husband)

I always tell my husband, “It’s all about me.” LOL! And this page is exactly that. And so it should be as I’m the person you’re investing in, the one who’s going to transform your business with words, words, words, and some numbers…

And you buy people not cute business names.

So, this is me!

  • How it started?

    I was an unappreciated BDM who had an unexpected turn in her career. (yep I was dumped) and it was shite!
    So, after crying, throwing a tantrum, drinking several bottles of wine and feeling sorry for myself, I pulled up my big gals pants and decided I wanted control over my life and the best way to do that was to become my own boss.

  • How it’s going?

    Well 9 years later and I’m still here.
    There’s been more twists and turns than a hoola hoop and a yoyo combined, like most businesses have, I guess.
    I’ve changed, I’ve evolved, I’ve thrown things across the office and I’ve had many bottles of champagne to celebrate many wins plus I’ve threatened to quit many times but then I remember I have the best boss in the world, so how could I beat that.

What you see is what you get. I don’t sugarcoat things (that just adds unnecessary calories). If you don’t want to hear the truth and just want someone to agree with you, then we won’t be a perfect match.

And I do things differently

(seriously I am not just saying that)

I’m not obsessed with social media

Like most marketers are (I def won’t tell you need to dance around your office to make a TikTok that others will find highly entertaining but that won’t actually make you sales). If you use socials, it should be for the right reason and to reach the right market.

And I’ve gone a bit retro

As I’ve rediscovered the old school stuff that is working to get massive engagement (suck on that Facebook). As a B2B business you don’t need to spend Vanilla Ice money on Facebook ads, only to get poor results and keep Mark Z in a lifestyle he is accustomed too.

I’ve fallen back in love with ideation and writing.

The stuff that helps me to refine my clients marketing messages yet also lets me fuel my creative juices (can’t believe I get paid for doing something I love).

I hate tech

Yep I’m that tech hating digital gal (ironic much). I hate complicated tech as much as walking in the rain (makes my hair frizzy) and drinking pina colada’s (do you know how many calories are in them?). I like things to be simple and fancy tools and software just overcomplicate sh*t and definitely decreases my marketing sparkle.