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Are You Part Of The 93% Of People That Do This Every Day??

How we start our day is usually a habit we don’t think much about. And in our digital world, our devices are very much part of our habits (good or bad)

So, what do 93% of people do before they get to their desks in the morning?


They check their email


25% of people check their email before they get out of bed.

42% while getting ready or eating breakfast,

16% on way to work (hopefully not while driving)


Which means email marketing is far from dead and not utilizing your database is pure insanity.

Ask yourself right now, are you sending regular emails to your database?

Be honest!!

So how do you make them work for you?

To get the  best results you have to do it right so here are some super simple tips to follow:


  • Be Consistent – Doesn’t matter how often it is but be consistent and set a realistic communication schedule. Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly… #justdoit
  • Don’t pack it full – Too many fall into this bad habit, especially lawyers and accountants (yes, I am singling you out). If it has too many articles and links your clients won’t read any of it as it is totally overwhelming
  • Personalize it – add their name at a minimum. Everyone wants to feel like you are having a direct conversation with them
  • Segment it – break your list into smaller, relevant segments. Don’t do a dump and run


If you keep saying to yourself, “I should start sending emails to my clients” and you are just not getting to it, making a bunch of excuses and should-ing all over yourself, then let me plan out your next 6 months of email content so you can be consistently in front of them (so you aren’t in the same position this time in 12 months).