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Why Professionals And Business Owners Are Rebelling AGAINST Social Media

I am seeing more and more people pull back on socials BIG time.

And the common theme seems to be that there is too much rubbish, spam, and ads.

We have had enough!

You literally cannot scroll through any social media channel without your feed being clogged by ads, fake companies, bots, and absolute rubbish. Just this morning, every 3rd post was a sponsored ad (and most of it totally irrelevant) making our user experience sadly lacking.

What I find interesting is that Mr. Zuck proudly announced last year that they wanted to personalise and customise our experience, making it better, one of the reasons we would see so many more ads. What utter rubbish Zuck baby!

It was simply a smokescreen to deploy even more ads from even more fake companies.

There are sooo many fake advertisers that don’t really exist yet because they are pouring gazillions into ads that are being allowed to scam social media users every single second (and the social giants literally do NOT care).

And shall I mention the number of DM’s selling fake influencer opportunities (hello, Insta), recruitment and HR links (I have no staff), and 10 + a day DM’s from overseas suppliers wanting to sell me digital marketing!!!

Delete & block!!

As a marketer, many people expect that I should be a huge fan of socials and that is a big stereotype I am glad to shatter. Social media marketing is NOT for everyone. And even when it does fit with your target demo, it should NOT be 80% of what you do.

Repeat after me: “Social is ONE part of your marketing mix.” Gone are the days when organic posting on Facebook and Insta will give your bank balance a big boost (for most B2B service-based businesses).


👉 You don’t have to live on social media

👉 You don’t have to post every day

👉 You don’t have to spend hours a week creating content

👉 👉 👉Just say no!

Tip: If you feel like you need some positive social interaction, then Check out WeAre8

🙌 Carve your own marketing path.

🙌  Play by your own rules.

🙌  Rebel against the masses and what feels icky.

Have a listen to the Sales Without Socials podcast for some ideas & inspiration.


2024 is the time to review, cull, and decrease your use of social. It is the time to rethink your marketing strategy, get creative, think outside the square, and go retro with the notion of starting conversations and building communities of like-minded people.

That’s what my focus is for my clients working in B2B service-based industries. I’d love to help you create a practical marketing strategy that is authentic to you, and your voice, and aligns with your values and skills.

I’d love to work with you. Email me at