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Uniqlo – digital and fashion collide!!

Uniqlo is known for its innovative clothing using technologies to bring more warmth, more lightness, better design & comfort. So it stands to reason that they integrate digital technology into their stores. Their flagship 5th Ave New York store features digital signage throughout and the digital elements suit the brand’s culture and store environment unlike many stores which think that just sticking a digital screen on a wall is all you need to do. #fail

uniqlo  uniqlo2

The content Uniqlo have on the screens is on brand and makes sense for their brand.  As a company that is committed to the community and is socially responsible the messages are not all about driving sales but sharing the brand messages which it does very well. Coming from an avid shopper and connoisseur of great instore environments, I congratulate Uniqlo their successful integration using digital to enhance not just as an add on. It was a pleasure shopping with you (even if my credit card doesnt agree with me).

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