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Do you need therapy for your social media addiction?

Talk Space is a great company I literally stumbled across while they were doing a pop up near Flatiron Building in New York. They aren’t against social media and in fact many of their employees use it, however they offer a unique service that offers therapy for people who are dependant on Social media to function. No I am not joking! This company exists to serve a real issue, born from our growing dependence on the digital world.

Research has shown that use of social media is associated with negative body image, eating disorders, depression, drives cyber bullying and can negatively impact anxiety levels and relationships (how many people liked my post) J

Talk Space  is tackling the problem head on and offer a 12 week program founded on evidence based treatment practises that address a range of mental health issues that Social media is associated with.

As a big user of social media I think it is great that there is support for people who need it but it is also sad that some people put so much emphasis on their self worth through putting so much value on the number of likes or friends they have. I wonder if these people had low self esteem before using social media?

Talkspace talkspace2

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