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Have Some Fun With Your Marketing

I am all about fun!!

Business doesn’t have to be all serious and bland. Injecting some fun into your marketing keeps it fresh and also entertaining for your potential clients.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have… law firm, recruitment agency, car detailing, cleaning company… have some fun with your marketing.

Now, I am not saying every article you write or email you send should be full of memes or jokes. Nah!

But consider how you can add some extra flavour to an otherwise potentially dull campaign.

One simple way of doing this is to use fun days to inject that bit of sparkle.

Every day of the year has some sort of fun day linked to it.

Business-themed Days

Accountants Day – 10th November
Be Kind to Lawyers Day – 2nd Tues in April
Social Media Day – 30th June
Dentist Day – 6th March
Hug a Plumber Day – 26th April
Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day – 6th July
World Pharmacists Day – 25th Sept

Product themed days

Spaghetti Day – 4th Jan
Drink Wine Day – 18th Feb (my favourite)
Waffle Day – 26th March
Iced tea Day – 11th June
Chocolate Day – 7th July
Cheese Pizza Day – 5th September

And just plain Super silly

No Pants Day – 4th may
Beer Can Appreciation Day – 23rd Jan
Find a rainbow Day – 4th April
Chocolate Ice cream Day – 8th June
Get Out of the Dog House Day – 20th July (one I am sure many husbands can relate to)
One Hit Wonder Day – 26th Sept

Or create your own fun themed day and celebrate it each year.

The list is endless, but the moral of the article is to have a bit of fun along the way.