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Become A Student Of The Channel You Want To Learn

I had a breakthrough when I was doing my workout this morning!

You see, one of my goals is to get amazing toned arms (how they used to look when I was 28). Now, I have always done exercises that included weights targeting my arm muscles, but I wasn’t really getting the results I wanted.

Why was that?

When I thought about it, it was obvious…

I wasn’t specifically targeting them.

I wasn’t doing the right kind of exercises that were fatiguing the muscle.

And I also needed to change my diet to focus on muscle growth (which meant a higher protein diet).

So, I became a student of sculpting the perfect arms.

I was reading articles, watching YouTube videos, looking into fitness programs, researching what foods to eat and generally diving deep into the topic looking for the ideal solution.

The next step was to do the work (after all I wasn’t going to get sculpted arms by watching YouTube videos). So, I am doing 3 workouts a week, specifically focused on arms. The workouts I am doing are with a trainer who has amazing arms. That shows me that she knows what exactly she is doing.

And I also changed my diet to be high protein, very low sugar (basically Keto) and I am seeing results. I have never done a Keto diet before, but I decided to try something different because doing the same thing I always did, wasn’t really giving me the results I wanted, just seemed like a big waste of time.

Are you picking up what I am putting down? Get where I am going with this?

If you want to get results or be better at a certain task, or area of expertise then you need to become a student of that topic. You need to dive deeper into it, learn, watch, listen…and then you have to do some work to get results.

There is no quick fix or shortcut to get where you need!

Sorry to burst your bubble. You don’t lose weight by eating chips while sitting in the lounge.

You don’t get sculpted arms by watching YouTube videos about it, and you don’t get results with your marketing just by reading a blog or listening to a specialist talk about what to do.


If you want to learn a new skill or perfect a marketing channel, then the first step is to become a student of it. The most important step is to do the work to see the results.

Want to ‘work out’ what you need to get your marketing in top shape? Start with a 2-hour Exploration Session.