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Pinterest – The Hidden Gem Of Marketing

When you think of social media, you think of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pinterest is often thought of as a poor cousin and only relevant for pretty or creative style businesses for many. And you too have probably thought of it as a social media channel, but in reality, it’s actually a powerful search engine.

Let me explain more.

Unlike traditional social media platforms where people primarily share personal updates and engage with others, Pinterest focuses on discovering and organizing ideas. It’s a platform where users can find inspiration, save and curate content, and explore their interests.

You think about how many things from Pinterest come up when you do a search on Google. A lot!

I use Pinterest a lot when searching for ideas. It has so much great content.

The search capabilities of Pinterest are what make it such a valuable tool for businesses.

It functions primarily as a visual search engine, a very powerful search engine, allowing users to find ideas, inspiration, and solutions to their problems through images and videos.

Unlike other platforms where users primarily engage with people they know, Pinterest users search for specific topics and ideas – they’re actively looking for solutions, which creates a unique opportunity for businesses to showcase their offerings and attract potential customers.

When you think about it, people go to Pinterest with intent, actively seeking solutions, products, or inspiration. It’s a platform where users are already in a mindset of discovering and exploring new things. Just like Google.


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