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Customer Experience Is Marketing

Good old fashioned customer service is making a massive comeback with more and more consumers demanding they are treated with love and some level of respect. My experience as a customer is what is paying your bills. We’ve seen the demise in many retail outlets over the past years, much of which I would argue, […]

The Power Of A Comment

In the world of marketing, everything we do forms an impression. From a social media post to not response to a call or email (yep that is marketing too). It is all about touch points and the latest statistics say that it takes 31 touch points with your business before people will reach out to […]

Is Social-Media-Marketing-Making making you feel physically sick?

“Social-media-marketing-making makes me feel physically sick.”   This is something a business owner said to me during the week. I asked her what she meant and she told me that every time she thinks about having to post on social media, she gets anxious and will procrastinate and avoid doing it if she can. She […]