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That Don’t Impress Me Much!

I am not impressed when someone tells me they have 100K followers on Facebook, Insta or TikTok.

In reality, those stats don’t mean very much at all.

Firstly, anyone can buy followers, there are plenty of click farms that you can pay to get impressive numbers. And secondly, and most importantly, how many of those 100K followers are people that will actually purchase your product??

Yeh sure, stats and analysing our numbers are important to understand how we are tracking to reach our marketing goals, so we can look at what is working and what isn’t to make the necessary changes. We need real numbers for this.

However, when it comes to things like follower counts, likes, or engagement, they are just vanity metrics that impact an algorithm. So being focused on measuring this data is not going to put money in your bank account. Instead, focus on quality connections and building relationships.

And this starts with consistently sharing valuable advice and offering insightful comments to help others. And again, don’t be obsessed with how many people commented or liked a post. There are many digital voyeurs (or lurkers) that will consume content and not comment.

A classic example is LinkedIn. I have gained many new clients by sharing insightful, relatable content on LinkedIn, and just about all of them, have never commented on one of my posts.

Shocking isn’t it?? Not really!

Most of them had been watching, reading, and observing but weren’t ready for my services. But they had been regularly consuming the content I was creating, the articles I was writing, and learning along the way.

So maybe you are reading this and knowingly nodding. As a lurker yourself, you might be able to relate. And you are not alone, they are everywhere – listening to podcasts but not leaving reviews, watching YouTube videos, and not subscribing or consuming your content on Facebook but not liking or commenting on it.

Everyone has their reasons for doing so, but as a business owner don’t take it so personally.

So in this algorithm-and-like-obsessed world, spend time obsessing over creating quality connections rather than how many followers or likes you have on your socials. The right people are the ones who are going to become clients.