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This Is How You Get Better At Marketing (it works every time)

How did you get good at your job?

How did you get good at driving a car?

How did you get good at tying your shoelaces?


Simple. You did it over and over again until you not only knew how to do it but got good at it.

There is only one way to improve at anything in life, including your marketing, and that is to learn it and then practice it.

Let me share a personal story with you.

About 12 years ago, I decided I wanted to create videos for the business I worked for and also my side hustle. I didn’t know much about it so the first thing I did was to enrol in a 2-day workshop. I learnt so much over those two days. Thanks Natasha Zuvela.

How to create scripts

How & where to film

What to wear

How to speak

Importance of lighting & sound

I left feeling like I could do this and be good at it. I knew it wouldn’t happen overnight but I had learnt the basics and just needed to put them into practise.

And that was the key right there…. PRACTICE!!!


I could’ve done what most people do after a workshop. Take away a bunch of notes and then did little with them, thinking “I’ll get to it one day.” That would’ve been a total waste of my time and money.

So instead, I put in the work. I practised. I created videos (some that never saw the light of day) but I kept going. Some were horrible. Some were OK. But I took the feedback I got, I continued to refine my skills, I practised, and I have since created hundreds of videos for my businesses.

And I like to think I am now pretty good at it. I can crank out 5-6 videos in an hour, often in one take. I am now comfortable in front of a camera and can easily film a video on the fly with little preparation.

But I didn’t get to that point in a week or a month. It took me a few years.

I am sure you can see the moral of this story clearly. You cannot get better unless you practice. You didn’t know your job overnight so why do you think you can learn how to market well in a few weeks?


This is a foolproof method. It works every time.

Want to get better at marketing videos for your business? Then learn & practice.

Want to get better at creating LinkedIn posts? Then learn & practice.

Want to get better at writing blogs? Then learn & practice.


You get the picture.

Now stop making excuses and complaining that you don’t know how and take control of your marketing destiny. You can do it!