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9 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic to Your Site

Building website traffic is a great thing. Why do you want to drive traffic to your website?

The main reason is to send potential client leads to a channel you own and control. Your website is 100% owned by you (unlike your social media channels).

However, before you do all the work to send traffic, you need to make sure you have a way of capturing it. That is where a lead magnet is most valuable (More on that in another blog)

If you have your lead magnet and you are ready to drive traffic, here a few organic and paid ways to do exactly that

  1. Share content on social media – social is an ideal traffic driver and most people have made purchases based off something they have seen on social media.
  2. Paid Search Ads. – Google AdWords is a top choice. You will apply pay per click or PPC to push traffic to your website using specific keyword searches.
  3. Social Media Ads – These ads operate the same as paid adverts expect there are more options to focus on your target audience. LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have options for paid adverts.
  4. Insert Calls-to-Action or CTAs in your posts. Offer a reason for potential customers to click through to your website on your social media platform.
  5. Create & share video – set up a YouTube or Vimeo Channel and put together a video marketing strategy that can drive quality traffic.
  6. Optimize Your Website for Search – Use effective SEO tactics with good coding, metadata, and structuring.
  7. Write Guest blogs – sharing your expertise and knowledge with complementary businesses puts your name in front of a new audience
  8. Use micro Influencers – Micro-influencers don’t need to have hundreds of thousands of followers, but they should be influential to their network
  9. Host a Webinar – This is a great way to share valuable information with your customers and eventually become an industry expert.

These are just a few simple thought starters to drive some traffic. With any or all of these digital marketing strategies, you can start to build and maintain consistent website traffic.