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Simple Ways to show your expertise

Showing your expertise allows you to make a mark for yourself in the industry you are operating in. Sharing expertise enables you to enhance your reputation and visibility.

It might take some time but consistently showing your expertise will add up over time and this is something you can leverage.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ways to kick start it.

Write blogs

Besides writing blogs for your business website, you can write engaging content for others. Guest blogging provides you an opportunity to connect to new audiences. You can as well include case studies to further prove your expertise.

Speak at events

Connect with local businesses, associations and event organizers in your field and let them know you can speak at business conferences and events. You can also conduct seminars on new developments in your sector and invite prospective clients. Sharing expertise at such events can help you earn trust and take your business to the next level.

Deliver Webinars and workshops

Directly showcasing what you know is an ideal way to win more business. These could be free or charged but either way, people will take notice IF you know your topic.

Get active on social platforms

Post tips and share your knowledge on Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Join professional forums, discuss and answer queries on the platform. You can also consider adding valuable comments and advice on the content posted by others.

Send regular emails

I hate the word newsletter because no one cares about your newsletter. What they do care about is how you can help them solve their issues. Regularly sending EDM’s (electronic Direct mail) puts your name consistently in front of your audience. Theyy shold add value and educate, not sell your product.

Write a book

Write a book showcases your knowledge and expertise in your field and is a  great way to impress people and gain their trust. Be an advisor, the leader and expert and make people understand you can be the go-to person to get their problems solved.

Overall it is important to lead, be a mentor and volunteer help to others. Share your expertise and encourage others to share their knowledge too by stepping and consistently making efforts to help potential new clients.