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Kindness makes the world go round

Every year at Xmas I think I should go and do something for a local charity and give back to people that don’t have what I am lucky enough to. I am talking about donating money, I do that all year round. I am referring to hands on, face to face in the trenches type […]

What is Social Amplification?

Social amplification is the collision of people, culture and communication. It is about leveraging every moment of your digital marketing messages. Most companies use ‘hope as a strategy’ when it comes to marketing. They throw money into the wishing well and ‘hope’ it works. Doesn’t sound like a smart way to market your business, does […]

How I survived a 5 day social media detox.

Social media is very much part of my daily life, both personally and professionally. As a social media amplifier, I literally need to use it every day for my work and my client projects. So why did I set myself a challenge to go 5 days without it? Especially given how ingrained it is in […]

Add some personality to your digital assets

Now more than ever, standing out and being authentically you is so important. Remember that old adage of ‘people do business with people they like’? it is very true so why do you want to blend in and follow what everyone else is doing on your digital channels? Blah and boring!!!! Anyone that has met […]

Facebook, video and what you’re missing out on!

I have been preaching video marketing for the past 2 years. Why? Because video is the top performing content type  on all social media, which has led to Facebook, putting increased emphasis on video content. (I kept telling you). Zuck himself told you back in 2014 when he said that Facebook would be ‘mostly video’ […]

A Beginners Guide To Make Money Amazon Marketing Review

Amazon has become one of the biggest online platforms where you can buy different items. With the variety of products it offers, you can buy anything – from gadgets, household items, children’s toys and even clothing for both men and women. But aside from this service, Amazon is slowly creating a name for another offering […]