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Real Life Digital Mistakes & How to Overcome Them Series #4

As part of the Real-life Digital F**Ups Series here is another one that is, unfortunately, way too common. (often thanks to some dodgy SEO salespeople offering all sorts of promises) Search engine marketing can be very effective and powerful for some businesses HOWEVER do not spend money driving traffic to your website only to not […]

Real Life Digital F**ups & How To Overcome Them

As mentioned in the last blog, I am going to share with you common mistakes that businesses are making on their digital channels. Today’s article is short but very powerful. You ready? When you promote a product or service on a social media channel or website, link directly to that product. Especially if this is […]

10 Commandments of Digital

Thou shalt use technology to thy advantage and not for the sake of it Thou shalt leverage marketing opportunities across many digital channels Thou shalt start with the basics then move to more advanced technology Thous shalt always think of the customers needs when designed digital platforms Thou shalt measure results & metrics Thou shalt […]

Real Life Digital F** ups & How to Overcome Them Series

Over the coming weeks, I am going to share real-life examples of businesses totally missing opportunities and getting the basics of digital wrong. The aim to share these mistakes so you can do better yourself. And to also provide you with some solutions to do it better. Let me share a recent experience with you. […]

Why I don’t agree with free

As a digital marketing strategist, I see many consultants and marketing experts preaching the ‘free events’ approach. This basically involves you holding a free webinar or event in order to get ‘bums on seats’ then you sell or pitch your product offering to them in the hope of signing them up as a client. The […]