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This digital girl needs to stay connected & comfortable when travelling

I get bored easily. As a business owner I am constantly on the go and find it hard to sit and just watch a movie let along spend 14 hours on a plane. I love travelling but hate long haul flights. I don’t like sitting still for that long and just like a kid, I need to keep myself amused (ask my hubby how he loves flying with me –insert sarcasm here).

So when I have these long haul flights it is essential I do it in style and comfort and before I left I discovered a couple of very handy products that will now become staples in my suitcase when I travel.

As a mood dresser I always find it hard to pack as I usually want to take the of clothes and shoes). So my process usually starts a couple of weeks earlier than I start throwing stuff into the suitcase that I might want to take then I edit it from there.

I’ve also recently discovered Spundies and cannot believe I have not heard of them before. One size fits all undies that can be thrown in your bag, in case of emergency and they claim to be super comfy. After having tried them I totally agree, they feel like, well nothing, since they are so comfy you can barely feel like you have any undies on.

And since I am working I need to be on top of my game so add some Naturamin brain booster tablets and this digital chick is ready to take on New York.


And as one who finds it hard to sleep on a plane, I just loooove my Recharging sleep mask. Thanks Ciao Bella Travel – this is so perfect for a digital gal.
P.S Also note the clever suitcase within suitcase to allow for all the purchases (yes I am a seasoned shopper). Bring it on New York!