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Digital Downloaded in New York

Digital & travel are the perfect combination

As much as I love living in Australia, we are behind when it comes to digital and innovation and there is nothing better than travel, to be inspired and get new ideas. So when I booked my trip to New York I started to think about how I could share some of the cool digital stuff that is happening in New York during my trip (between shopping stops of course).

So after brainstorming with my team, I decided to combine my love of travel and digital and create the Digital Downloaded project. Over the next 2 weeks I will be sharing how digital tools, products and accessories are making my trip more efficient and less stressful. Plus also showcasing some very cool products I discovered to make sure my long plane trip and my time in New York is also comfortable.

Digital Downloaded will be focused on our social channels listed below and you will see regularly posts here on the blog also.

We will also be using Periscope for short videos and have lined up a couple of very cool interviews with innovative digital companies that I know you will love. I am so excited about them.  Project hashtag is: #digitaldownloaded

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Instagram & Twitter: Digital_Tanya

If you want to do a good deed for the day, share with your fellow corporate travellers and professionals no matter where they are in the world. We know the content & tips that we will be sharing will be very useful and we hope you enjoy following us (hubby is my porter, navigator and cameraman) on our travels.