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How To Create a Simple Lead Magnet Part 2

In part 1 I looked at what a lead magnet was and why it is important for you to capture leads. In part 2 I am going to share the process to create a simple lead magnet for your business.

 The process

Ask yourself these questions when you are creating a lead magnet.

  • Who is your audience? Choose one as each lead magnet should be very specific! NB: You can create multiple lead magnets for different clients.
  • What is the pain point you want to help solve?
  • What can you create for them?
  • Give it a catchy headline – you don’t want people falling asleep
  • Chose the type of lead magnet you are going to create
  • What format do you want it to be in?
  • Map out the content – what information are you going to include?
  • Create it / film it / write it
  • Don’t forget a Call to Action – what do you want the person to do once they have read it / watched it? Give them a next step.
  • Have it professionally design – it will make a difference. If you have a limited budget try using a Canva template
  • Add to your website or landing page – a landing page is often better as there are no distractions and it is dedicated to that one thing
  • Promote it across all your channels
  • Collaborate with partners and complementary businesses to get it out into the world



  • Grab attention and interest to get people to opt-in, but also link back to your primary product or service offerings to eventually convert them
  • Don’t be too vague – they need strong headlines and niche content
  • You don’t want to have amateurish, low-quality production – Use Canva template or get a designer to create it for you.
  • It has to talk their language. If it is full of industry jargon, fancy jargon, or terms that are not familiar with, your audience will not relate to it or want it
  • If it doesn’t add value it is worthless
  • Don’t think “create it and they will come” – you need to promote the hell out of it.


Now go forth and create!