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Entertaining Marketing Is The New Black

“Let me entertain you!” Robbie Williams had it right when he belted out those lyrics.

We live in a world of entertainment. Our obsession with Netflix binges, stupid cat videos on YouTube or expecting the latest blockbuster to deliver some much…

As much as you might not like to hear this, entertainment extends into business. This has been fast tracked during Covid but we all want to be entertained.

We want to laugh.

We want to be thrilled.

We want to feel part of something.

Entertainment is a big part of the marketing content playbook. Content should be about resonating and relating to your audience, starting conversations and building relationships. Content that entertains talks to real people and achieves those goals.

This is why there has been a rise in users on TikTok. It’s funny, it entertains, it makes you click and scroll. It is bingeable!

Benefits of Creating Entertaining Content

It’s Shareable

Take some time to look at what your friends are sharing on Facebook or Twitter – most of the time it is something entertaining.

It Creates Brand Awareness

Just because something is shared constantly does not mean that people who interact with the content are going to become clients. BUT it does one thing – it creates brand awareness and more eyeballs are seeing it.

It Has Emotional Appeal

We live in a world where people are tired of obviously being sold to. Entertaining content is a way of engaging people on an emotional level rather than just a rational level.  It has emotional appeal that can create consumers that are truly loyal to your brand and come back to you again and again.

Entertaining content cuts through and builds personal connections with your potential clients. When you are planning your content, dare to be brave. Stop copying the same boring content that your competitors are creating AND stand out with content that entertains. Think about Robbie when you are creating “Let me entertain you!

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