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I Want It Now!

Sound familiar? I want that website to load now! I want that PDF to download now! I want those Facebook ads to work now! I want instant results!! I WANT IT NOW! We are living in a “want it now” world This is no mistake. The tech giants have trained us, like little monkeys or rats in a ...

What not to do when implementing digital strategies

The new digital world has created unlimited new opportunities for businesses to market to its customers. The amount of choice can however overwhelm many people causing a lack of action as they simply don’t know where to start.  Whilst creating a workable strategy is the first step, the most important ...

Alignment above all else!

GUEST POST by Isabel Taylor - Marketing graduate & woman on the move! In a true sense, marketing is collaboration with stakeholders on a higher level to achieve mutual goals. Without marketing, how would people know about your product? If you were starting a business, would you want your company’s values ...