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Should Your Content Educate, Entertain or Sell?

Does the best content marketing educate people who have questions, entertain an audience, or sell products and services to prospects? The answer…is yes (it can be all 3).

While we are sick of being sold to, there is a reason why we consume certain content. We are looking for a solution to a problem we have now.

So, while content marketing is designed to sell our services or product, you are adding value up front.

Pushy & promotional content is a turn off. Think of it like meeting someone in real life at an event and they immediate start listing the features of their product. You’d run a mile. Ask any salesperson and they will remind you that selling is about building relationships. They share educational info, take a client out to coffee, hang out on the golf course, talk about personal things like family, movies, hobbies.

The reason you write articles, produce videos, design infographics, and engage with people on social media is because you have something to sell. But you are also sharing your brand personality that helps your prospects get to know you. These tactics educate and could also entertain.

It doesn’t matter if you are selling online or real life, you need to build relationships. It doesn’t matter how entertaining you are or how much you teach a prospect then you need to make inroads towards persuading people to choose you.

You want your target audience to consume your content and, even if you’re months away from making a sale, you want those people to remember where the content came from. So, when it is time to make purchasing decision, your business is where they turn first.

One of the biggest mistakes in content marketing is making it all about your business. Instead it should be all about your audience: their needs, fears, motivations, and dreams. Not you!!

Now take some time to consider what your content does. Does it educate, entertain or sell? And if so, is it working for you?

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