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How To Use Your Database More Effectively

So, you have a marketing database of some sort. That’s great.

There is no point in having this list unless you are actually going to use it. Remember one of the keys to have successful marketing is to have consistent marketing. And your database plays a big role in that.

But how do you use it more effectively?

Streamline your communication

Having a database allows you to organize important information and collate important demographic information like email addresses, phone numbers, past purchases, inquiries, demographic information and more. This is going to help you get specific and targeted with your communication. So, if you need to send a campaign to clients in Sydney that own have spent a certain dollar amount with you then you can segment and send.

Save money

Sending emails costs nothing to do. It should also take little time to compared to creating and scheduling content on social media.

Send segmented campaigns

When you have more detailed information in your database, it allows you to send targeted promotions to smaller groups or segments. This is more personalised and as a result will be more effective. Eg: If you want to reach people who have purchased an online course from you, you can send directly to them, mentioning the course and perhaps a new product that compliments it. Targeted promotions are a much better use of time and resources.

Better predict your customers’ behavior and actions

Everything on digital is trackable. When you send your campaign you can analyze your results, customers’ buying patterns, opt out rates, what they clicked on, etc. This helps you to refine your communication for future campaigns.

Collaborations to reach new prospects

I love collaboration and working with partners to share valuable and education information and offers can be really effective. Don’t just spam your partners database, though. There are specific tactics and communication you need to do to warm up the prospects.

Communicate consistently

Unlike social media channels that you’re just renting, you own 100% of your own list of contacts and this means you can communicate consistently and effectively to them. Don’t just blast your database once or twice a year. Take a considered strategic approach to nurture your list and you will start to see results, no matter how small your list is.


The more useful data you have, the more successful your marketing campaigns will be.

Being smart about how you use your database has been proven to get results and is a good return on your investment (which should be minimal).

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