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You’ve written a blog now what?

It’s a classic marketing scenario. You have planned and written a blog then posted it onto your website. Then you wait.

And wait….

You are waiting to hear crowds of people cheering and applauding, reading it word for word, and lining up to work for you.

Sorry to burst your bubble but that nearly never happens.

Let’s start with the first issue here.


Most businesses post a blog, share it once on social and think the job is done.

But it is far from over. You’ve just got to the starting blocks. You cannot expect to have clients lining up simply by posting a new blog on your website. Let’s get real here peeps.

So how do you get more eyeballs on your blog article?

You need to shout it from the rooftops on different channels and share it more than once.



NEWSFLASH: Not every connection you have on LinkedIn or Facebook will have seen your post. Many won’t have so there is no reason why you cannot share it again later that day or in a couple of days. You might use a different image, different text, or starting headline to attract a new group of eyeballs. And does it matter if someone sees it more than once? Of course not, in fact, that’s a great outcome.

If you missed my previous post about the 3R concept – repurpose, refresh and recycle then you find it HERE

Where else can you share your fantastic blog post?

  • Break up the blog into smaller quotes with different images to attract different eyeballs. Mix it up and try different creative ideas.
  • Go to your target groups on LinkedIn and share it there. (by target groups I am talking about those groups where your target audience will see it)
  • Share in relevant groups on Facebook too
  • Use a tool like Lumen 5 and turn it into an animated video and share it again
  • Send it to your target audience via an EDM (email marketing to your database)
  • Ask your collaborative partners to share it with their audience on social and via email
  • Ask your staff to share it with their own commentary and perspective
  • If it’s a quality blog (of course it will) maybe ‘boost’ it on Facebook. I suggest boosting posts that are already getting some organic engagement.


TIP: If it helps, create a checklist of all the places you will share your blog once you’ve posted it on your website

To summarise: Don’t think your job is over once you uploaded the blog to your website. There is more work to do over the following days and weeks. One blog can be repurposed in many different ways and shared over a month.

Remember one of the goals of an article is usually to showcase your expertise. And this is a simple way to do that.


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