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9 GREAT reasons why a digital manager is a good business decision

“I don’t know what I don’t know”. It’s a common response when I ask business owners what they need to know or learn about marketing.

That’s OK because you are focused on your clients and working for them. You cannot possibly know everything you need to about everything.

I know very little about accounting. I leave that to my accountant who is an expert on this. I don’t know much about medical issues which is why I go to a Dr when I’m not feeling well. The same can be said about your marketing.

Having a marketing adviser, much like having a Doctor, accountant, lawyer or dog walker, is engaging a specialist to help you work out what you need and how to do it.

Let’s explore why having your own personal marketing advisor makes good business sense.


  1. Get expert advice from someone who has lived and breathed marketing

I have worked in marketing for over 25 years. (god I feel old) but in that time I have learned so much. As you know digital marketing is constantly changing so there is always learning the new channels, tactics, latest best practices and having worked with everyone from start-ups to publishers and agencies I know the challenges marketing can have for your business.


  1. Understand what steps you need to take with your marketing and when

Often getting started or making progress is hindered by the lack of knowing where to start and what to do. Having an advisor that can look at your current issue and tell you the next steps to take means you make progress and feel less frustrated.


  1. Get help to determine what channels you should focus your energy on

Many businesses try to do too many things and then do none of them well which of course, impacts your results. Knowing what channels to focus on saves you valuable time that would otherwise be wasted.


  1. Can save you costly mistakes

Asking your marketing adviser about advertising proposals and opportunities you have received, or asking if a piece of technology is a right fit for you, can save you from making big mistakes. I recently helped a client review website development proposals and saved her $10,000 due to a supplier trying to rip her off. Having your personal sounding board will save a lot of money and more than cover the investment.


  1. Can show you shortcuts that can make executing your marketing faster and simpler

What if there was a quicker or easier way to action something? Wouldn’t you want to know? Knowing what shortcuts you can take to save your valuable time means you can action what is needed faster which means you winning new business faster too.


  1. Can share tools and apps that will allow you to be more productive

I wonder if there is an app or tool that does that? Yes, there is. I use and know of hundreds of free and low-cost tools to do all sorts of marketing tasks. It is one thing I share with all my clients.


  1. Have your own personal sounding board to get feedback on what you are working on

Imagine you are in the middle of creating a new page for your website and you are just not sure if is getting the message across. You can send it to me to review and I can give you feedback and advice, allowing you to make it live and get results from it.


  1. Get honest, unbiased feedback on your digital channels that allows you to improve them allowing you to convert more business

Being able to have your personal marketing resource that can provide honest feedback, share with you what you need to do and how is invaluable. It can drive your business forward and get you ‘unstuck’ from your current procrastination mode.


  1. Bragging rights (just to say you have a Marketing Advisor)

C’mon you have to admit it sounds pretty cool to say “I’ve got my own personal marketing advisor’. It’s a nice one for the ego!


Having your own personal marketing advisor can be your reality. Find out how by clicking on the image