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What Is The Life Span Of A Social Media Post?

If you’ve spent hours creating content for your marketing this week, then this may just break your heart…

Have you ever wondered how long your posts will be seen before they become part of the deep abyss, never to be seen again?

  • TikTok – Instant Decay
  • Twitter – 15-18 minutes
  • Facebook – 6 hours
  • LinkedIn – 24 hours
  • Instagram – 48 hours (mmmm, I don’t believe this one)
  • YouTube – About 20 days (I’d consider this a search engine, not a social channel)

Makes you wonder if the hours you are spending creating all those posts are worth the effort???

🤔 🤔 🤔

The unbeatable algorithms, the amount of interaction, and the time of day all impact the lifespan of your posts.

I have had LinkedIn posts that have lived for weeks due to the number of comments over that period of time which have kept them alive. I have also had ones disappear faster than that Flock of Seagulls hit from the ’80s (remember them? …. exactly)

Consider how much time it takes to create a series of posts for Facebook, find images then schedule them all for next to no one to see them since organic reach is in the toilet. 🚽

These stats are further proof that you need to focus your time on the MOST relevant core channel and do it well.

What channel do you get the most impact on? If you are a B2B service-based business, it’s usually NOT on TikTok, Facebook, and Insta. However, LinkedIn could be a winner (but it does have its own rules).

Personally, I’d much rather focus on channels where my hard work lasts longer than 24 hours.

Remember the goal of most socials is to elicit meaningful interactions, which you can actually do much better OFF social.

If you have a few hours a week to market your business then that time is not well spent on vanity socials (Facebook, Insta & Tiktok).

If you want to know how you can build a sustainable, repeatable marketing strategy without feeling the algorithm burn I have a free training coming up that you will love more than your leg warmers in the 80’s.

Bust a move here.