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Why LinkedIn Is The Exception To My Social Rule!

Not all social media is equal. The algorithms, the style of content, the way people interact, the communities…are all very different. Plus, the value they deliver can be vastly different too!

LinkedIn is definitely NOT the same as Facebook and Instagram for many reasons and it is my exception to my social media rules.

I talk a lot about social media playing a small role in your marketing mix. I am not anti-social but I am anti businesses put so much focus on a channel that rarely performs well. You don’t own your social channels, you have no control them and they are usually the least effective marketing channels.  (more on that in this free PDF)

However, LinkedIn is a professional business to business network, designed to be exactly that. There is no other pure online channel designed to be specifically for business and professionals.

Let me repeat the most important words in that sentence “designed to be specifically for business and professionals.”

The Facebooks and Insta’s of the world were designed to be about socialising with friends, NOT to sell on although that’s why they have morphed into, in the chase for the almighty dollar. We know organic social is literally on its last legs. No fancy strategies or social media guru will change that. Numbers are getting lower and lower on both channels.

And if you think it is not all about money then think again. The proof is in the scroll. Scroll any Facebook or Insta feed and you’ll be seeing ads every 3-4 posts. It is out of control!

Users of the Facebook & Insta did not sign up to be sold to and as it has morphed into a sales machine, users are still not sold which is why more people are turning away from them.

While Facebook uses demographic and interest-based targeting as their main way of targeting consumers, LinkedIn focuses on more professional targeting, such as job titles, industry, or even where you work.

LinkedIn allows you to have real & relevant conversations on various business topics. It’s not for photos of you partying, hanging out at your kids soccer game or sharing your wedding.

LinkedIn is about business, Facebook is NOT. That is why they are my exception to my typical social media rules.

The same rules definitely don’t apply.

What channels do you consider social media?