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Why Need To Change The Word More to LESS (and not just in your marketing)

We need to be doing LESS not more.

Technology has allowed us to jam-pack our calendars to the point of overload (who actually gets their ‘To Do’ list done each day?)

Now that we can do so many tasks faster, we just add more to our day. I remember that promise years ago by the government that we will be working 30-hour weeks because technology will help us to do more in less time.

And of course, that never happened. The standard working week is still 38 hours with most of us doing many more than that.

I don’t know about you, but my brain is tired. I feel overwhelmed faster. I feel overworked more often. And I am O.V.E.R it!!

Are we actually achieving anything at this warp speed we are expected to work at? Not to mention the speed that we expect marketing to deliver results. Marketing is not an overnight magic bullet so stop expecting it to be.

So, what do we need to do LESS of?

  • Less focus on social media – it just hurts our brains, our ego & our mental health)
  • Less time looking for those red notification buttons – you know that you do!
  • Less time online in general – hey, try picking up a real book or walking in the sun
  • Less work but at a better quality – focus on doing better instead of more
  • Less marketing channels but diving deeper into the ones that matter – do 1 channel well before jamming more in and doing them all badly

It is time to slow down in order to actually achieve more!

We have been so caught up in this rat race, in this quest to be better, quicker, faster at everything. This is super apparent when it comes to social media. The more you do on the likes of Facebook, the more you need to do to maintain it.

The more you post, the more the algorithm adjusts and then expects you to pay or boost. The more content you create, the more you are expected to deliver on. The more time you spend on it, the more it wants of you. More, more, more. It is never enough! It is built on a system of MORE.

It consumes our time and our minds. And it is leading to more ‘comparitinitis’ than ever before. And that is not a good thing for any business owner.

We continue to compare ourselves to other businesses – their revenue, the number of media articles, the number of followers… the vanity metrics, or their appearance of success.

But what we really need is LESS. Because less is more (in life and in business).

Slow down. Do less and allow yourself thinking time and focused time. My goal for the next month is to have less on my list each day but to do better quality work and better marketing, not just trying to get more done. Except maybe spending time by the pool with a book, which I want to do MORE of LOL

Food for thought!

If you are feeling like you need less and you want more of your valuable time back, then learn how you can ditch time wasting socials and get more of the ‘less’ in your life.