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Tools & apps to help make your marketing simple Part 1

I must say that there’s no better time to do and execute marketing than today. With all the tools and apps available right at our fingertips, it’s so easy to carry out all the activities that we need to do for our businesses. But the plethora of these tools and apps may cause some overwhelm. Picking out what’s best for your business may be difficult to do and can cost you time, money and resources.

So, to help you sift through all of these, I’m sharing with you my top go-to tools and apps that I use every day to help make my marketing simple. These have actually helped me run my two businesses without having the need to spend a lot.


Canva is an online image editing platform. It helps you design almost anything – from Instagram posts, flyers, documents, presentations, and even logos. I really like the flexibility that Canva gives to its users because you can design what you need from scratch or you can use their free and beautiful design templates for your layouts. I also like Canva because you can use it through a desktop/laptop or download their app on your smartphone.

Another great thing about Canva is that you can actually do a lot of things already with its free version. But you can experience more design flexibility and access more of their design elements when you pay for a Pro account which only costs $9.95 a month. Not bad!


One of the things that can help you overcome marketing overwhelm is to write down the tasks that you need to do. This is where Trello comes in. Think of it as your digital corkboard where you can post all the tasks that you need to do. It also helps you organize your to-do lists by grouping them per project or task through its List feature.

Trello also allows you to share the boards that you make with your teammates. It’s a great collaboration tool that also allows you to share files and comments for a particular task. You can use Trello for free but if you want more features, a business account starts at $9.99 per user per month.


If your business uses Instagram for marketing, LinkTree is going to be your best friend. We all know that you can’t really put interactive links in your Insta posts. This can be pretty frustrating most especially if you have other content you want to promote outside of Instagram (Of course, Instagram doesn’t want people leaving their platform). So, to solve this little problem, simply use LinkTree.

LinkTree is like your landing page for Instagram. It features all of the links that you want to be featured in your Instagram account. This helps most especially if you have more than one online channel – like a website, a Facebook page or a YouTube channel. Instead of changing the link in your bio all the time, Linktree will give you just one link that will house all the content you want promoted. It’s totally free but you can get more features with a PRO account which only costs $6 a month.

Stay tuned for more tools in Part 2.

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