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Tools & apps Part 2

I shared 3 great tools in Part 1 so here are 3 more that I use every day


Video is such an important part of your marketing mix in 2019. That’s why it’s important to have a tool or app that can help you produce and edit videos fast. BigVu does this for you.

BigVu is a tool that helps you produce professional looking videos without the need to hire a whole production team to do it for you. It helps you record your video; add titles, music and an outro; and export them. BigVu offers a free plan but you can go PRO starting at just $9.99 per month. Now that’s a steal!


Now, this is another tool that’s going to be your marketing best friend. Autopilot is a marketing automation, email marketing, lead management, and multi-channel marketing platform all rolled into one. I’ve started using Autopilot just this year and I must say that it offers more flexibility than the usual email marketing platforms I’ve used before.

First, it’s really great if you have an email marketing campaign that you need more control of. The visual workspace works great because it allows you to see the campaign on a bird’s eye view level. Aside from this, it also helps you manage your leads and contact lists so you can segment them and provide a more customized experience. Designing the content of your email is also easy with its drag and drop feature.

You can try Autopilot for free for 30 days. A paid account starts $49US per month.


Buffer is a social media management tool that helps you to primarily schedule the content you’re going to post. Gone are the days when you have to post every single day (or hour) just to get on top of your marketing messages. Simply plan your content ahead, make the necessary images, upload them to Buffer for scheduling and you’re all done.

What’s great about Buffer is that you can use this to schedule your posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. A free account helps you do this for 10 posts at a time. A paid account which starts at $15 per month allows you to link more social accounts and schedule more posts.

Aside from posting and publishing content, Buffer also allows you to use their platform to reply to comments from your posts and also analyze your social media campaigns. These are priced separately though.

I hope this rundown of tools and apps will also help make your marketing simple.


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