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Starbucks – integrating digital & coffee?

I love seeing how the worlds leading brands are using digital and integrating it into stores and the customer experience. Starbucks, always a leader in innovation and using digital tools effectively are using digital screens to tap into the tourist experience. When walking past the Times Square Starbucks, I noticed an interactive screen that people were having some fun with so of course, I had to stop & check it out.

The screen in store lets you create a digital postcard to send to people which is a cute idea. Process was simple although the touch screen wasn’t the most responsive. You just take your photo, choose a New York themed background and put in your email details. Then you receive a digital postcard to forward to family and friends.

Whilst it was entertaining it lacked a call to action whilst in store which is unexpected as a customer (I would expect to receive some sort of offer you use in store) and a lost opportunity for the brand to make a sale. You’ve got my attention then you let me walk out the door without capitalising on it??  I often rant about businesses missing the most basic of opportunities and you can see that the biggest brands in the world also do it.  (but shouldn’t they know better)?

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