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The cupcake industry gets digital in New York

It seems the cupcake industry in New York understands how to use to digital to engage their customers in a way that gives them a great customer experience and leaves them wanting more. New York based cupcake store Baked by Melissa not only makes AMAZING bite sized cupcakes which are ...

Not so innovative Digital in New York

Whilst exploring New York on my recent trip I was surprised that I didn’t see more digital integration in retail considering New York is supposedly the capital of digital signage let alone other cool uses for  digital technology. Most of what I saw was pretty basic and was nothing to ...

Starbucks – integrating digital & coffee?

I love seeing how the worlds leading brands are using digital and integrating it into stores and the customer experience. Starbucks, always a leader in innovation and using digital tools effectively are using digital screens to tap into the tourist experience. When walking past the Times Square Starbucks, I noticed ...