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Is Social Media Hijacking Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, you need all the pieces in order to get the full picture. Taking a more wholistic view of your marketing is becoming more important because, we don’t want to be putting all our eggs in the one basket.

Just like your share portfolio you need to diversify, minimise the risk, and look for ways to leverage what is working with your marketing.

Yet every day I see SME’s that spend one too much time & effort on the least effective marketing channel – social media!

Is social media ‘hijacking’ your marketing strategy? (I don’t include LinkedIn since it is a pure business platform and not a consumer based social media channel).

Social media is ONE part of your marketing puzzle so why spend 80% of your time and budget on it? Even if you are getting an amazing ROI (which 95% of businesses don’t), putting all your eggs into that one basket is plain dangerous.


Think about it. Why doesn’t it make sense to focus most of your effort on it?

  • Algorithms are constantly changing so as soon as you feel like you are starting to win, it changes (yet again) and you lose (yet again).
  • Ad prices are increasing and attention span is decreasing.
  • And we are getting closer to a fully pay-to-play platform every single day!
  • You are missing opportunities to generate quality leads because you are focused on the wrong thing!


If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then social media is hijacking your marketing efforts:

  • Do you employ a social media manager or consultant to focus on Facebook, Insta, TikTok or Snapchat?
  • Is your marketing plan purely social media and nothing else?
  • Do you rely on Facebook and Insta to generate new business?
  • Do you spend 80% of your time and effort trying to keep up with constant changes?
  • Can you ‘hand on heart’ say that you are diversifying your marketing efforts?
  • Do you allocate hours per week to create & share content on social media and much less time on any other marketing tactic?


So how do you fix the issue? Remember, your marketing plan should be focused on:

  • The channels where your audience is.
  • What is working and winning you business.
  • Tactics that generate warmer quality leads.
  • Strategies that make sense for your clients and your brand.


We live in a ‘want it now, get it now’ world, so remember that some of these tactics might have longer lead times to generate results but the results are usually better clients that you will have longer.


If you don’t want to feel victim to social media hijacking your marketing, download this right now. You’ll pick up a valuable tip or two that can make a huge difference to your results.