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Why You Need To Swap Ads For Adds

The go to strategy for brands these days seems to be running social media ads.

We know that organic social is pretty much dead in the water. We are getting closer to a fully pay-to-play platform every single day and those algorithms are constantly changing!

But is running social media ads really the answer to your visibility issue?


Let’s be clear on what the issues are with focusing on Facebook and Insta ads:

  • Most people don’t know how to set them up effectively
  • They think they are the holy grail and will transform their business overnight
  • Unrealistic expectations – build it and they won’t necessarily come
  • No one knows what the right budget amount is – it is all guess work
  • Many solo and small business owners don’t understand how to test and optimise their ads (there is a lot of trial and error needed)
  • There is no set formula for having successful ads
  • They are totally oversaturated
  • Lack of ROI
  • Costs to advertise are going up all the time, based on demand
  • You get lured by the $5 a day spend


According to a survey done by, 62% of business owners say that Facebook ads don’t work for them. Probably for many of the above reasons.

So, what should you focus on instead?

You need to focus on adds NOT ads.

What do I mean by this?

I am referring to adding people to your network, adding people to your database of potential clients and adding people to your newsletter or campaigns to your audience.

Building these audiences provide so much value and provide a better return on the time you spend marketing your business.

  • You have full control
  • You can focus and building long term relationship
  • You focus on creating quality leads who are warmed, not quantity which is a cold audience
  • It costs less to do (most of the time it is free)
  • It doesn’t mentally exhaust you (in fact it is rewarding and mentally stimulating)
  • How you do it doesn’t constantly change – they are simple and effective


Instead of thinking Facebook ads are an easy & cheap option for your marketing, use a sustainable approach that will not only get better results, you will feel more confident and comfortable with the process.

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