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Why Your Marketing Should Be More Chanel And Less Netflix

The marketing world has a plethora of choices. You can market any product or service with traditional or digital marketing channels and try to be on as many channels as possible to get more eyeballs on your business brand. It makes sense that you want lots of eyeballs on you, but you want to ensure they are the right eyeballs.

Too often, marketing tactics are all focused on numbers. Generating hoards of people who might want to buy your product – a prime example is Facebook ads which are too often pitched as a holy grail in marketing (and believe me, they are NOT).

Instead, what you actually want is quality NOT quantity.

It is like comparing Chanel and Netflix!

Chanel is all about quality, limited edition clothing made from the best materials in the world. It is exclusive and comes with a story that is enticing to fashion lovers.

Netflix on the other hand is all about cheap subscriptions, volume, choice and mass production. They just want eyeballs on their screens, preferably binge watching their latest fave show. It is the total opposite to Chanel in every way.

Now of course both are successful, household names in their own way. The difference is one is focused on quality and attracting the perfect fit customers and the other is all about quantity (they don’t care who you are).

So why does that matter for your marketing?

When you are focused on attracting the right audience or the perfect fit client, you are getting quality. They are the right size client, in the right industry, they will be warmer leads and more likely to buy from you and be better clients.

It is much better to attract less leads if they are a higher quality.

Just like your Facebook page – there is no point having 10,000 fans if they are not the people that are going to buy from you. It would be much better to have 1000 fans who love your brand and are likely to become customers.

Consider this for a minute…

You might generate a bunch of unqualified leads from a Facebook campaign. They will likely be cold leads (people who have never heard of you before) and unlikely to buy as they know nothing about you or your product. They might not be able to afford it, not want it, or it is not the right time.

So, if they are the wrong people for your brand, why spend all that time attracting them and trying to entice them to buy?

On the flip side, if you send a direct mail campaign to existing or past clients, you might get fewer leads. However, they are much higher quality as not only are they warm, they are more inclined to buy from you (as they have done so before).

Quality instead of quantity.

So choose Chanel over Netflix every day of the week and you’ll get quality clients who will stay with you longer (and value you too).