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I don’t believe in new years resolutions!

New Years’ resolutions are a waste of time unless you do two of my favourite words – action and implementation!  I see it all the time when businesses invest in the first step in the digital  process like building a website,  writing a strategy or setting up their social media channels to then miss THE MOST important part – the implementation. What good is a new website if you’re not driving traffic to it or a strategy that is full of great ideas that sit in a draw??

Every single day I talk to clients and review digital marketing channels and see so many missed opportunities.  Usually it’s the simple stuff that is missing that doesn’t take much time or money to fix. Usually there are 3 scenarios:


  1. They think they do a great job (often there is room for improvement)
  2. They do not think it’s important or bury their hand in the sand
  3. They don’t give it a priority as don’t understand that it links directly to sales and brand exposure

Your digital footprint is vitally important especially in 2016. This is your first impression to potential customers. If you don’t think a good impression is important then think again. Your customers start their research on digital channels. This is where they decide to take the next step with your business or not. Believe me I do this all the time. If you have No website or one that lacks basic information then how I can I spend money with you.

There is never the perfect time – there will always be something stopping you.

Good intentions are one thing but making excuses in 3, 6 or 12 months time about not having time to set up effective digital channels,  I didn’t get around to it, or I thought someone lose would do it, only means that this happens:

# you lose leads and sales

# you aren’t taken seriously in your industry # you lose market share to competitors # you create a bad impression of your business # your business will be lucky to exist in the next few years

Is 2017 going to be a repeat of 2016 or will it be the year you actually take action to take your business to a new level or will I hear the same excuses this time next year?

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