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The one thing I loooove about Facebook (especially at Xmas)

The one thing I loooove about Facebook (especially at Xmas)

Facebook is one of those channels that gets a lot of criticism. But there is one thing that I loooove about Facebook. And here it is…..

It’s a connector.
It connects long lost friends…..
It connects friends travelling …..
It connects families …..
It connects the past and the present……
It even brands to customers ….
It connects people!

Connection is a good thing. It brings us together and surely a time like Christmas is the perfect time to connect.

I have friends all over the country and several travelling the world and the fact that I can see what so many are doing, how they are celebrating, who they are with and where, means I can connect with so many of them in a few swipes. I might not be talking to each of them but I comment to say I am thinking of them and share a special message with them. And I think that is special.

In a world so busy and with so many choices I think it is comforting to know that I can connect with friends and family near and far, and that connection is what binds people together. We are human and we need to connect with other people and that is the basic need that Mr Z tapped into when he created Facebook.

I can barely remember a time without it and I’m glad I have this digital connector in my life.
So thank you Mr Zuckerberg for connecting us. Thank you for creating this platform we call Facebook and continuing to improve it and make it easy for us all to connect. Remember that as you are typing your Christmas messages to friends and family over the holiday period.