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Everything Old Is New Again (That Includes Your Marketing)

In a world obsessed with new, modern, get it now on demand products and services, it is refreshing to see anything that encourages us to get off a screen, create some balance and breathe. We need more of that in this crazy, tech filled world.

Retro is a term we have been using for ‘old’ stuff. Now I am not technically sure what qualifies as retro? Hell, I might be considered retro – LOL!

And if you have visited an antique store in the past year or so, you will see the premiums prices for retro goods. That old rotary phone or coloured glass vase is now worth a small fortune. But it seems everything old is new again.

That doesn’t just apply to products in an antique shop – it also applies to your marketing, too. Good old school marketing is making a comeback. I think there are several reasons for that:

People are getting sick of the social media hamster wheel and constant changes.
People are craving simplicity.
People are starting to see that they need breaks from screens.
People want to engage in a real way (not via a social media account).
People are craving face to face contact.
People want communication without technology.

And stepping back in time is the key to future marketing success.

So, what do I mean, when I am say ‘old school’. I am talking about the days BEFORE social media, before websites took off in a big way and before we heard the term algorithm.

I am using some old school tactics and they are kicking butt!!! And my clients are also telling me the same thing.

They are easily out-performing social media, they don’t involve screens and they allow me to get back to the core of marketing – communication, conversation & connection.

Need some inspiration on what to do there here are some ideas:

  • Send a personalised card for a birthday or anniversary – these could be past, existing or potential new clients (Yes, you will need to break out the stamps for this).
  • Send a branded postcard with a note to say thank you, invite them to a meeting or event or to introduce yourself.
  • Create a small face-to-face event – invite a handful of people you know on LinkedIn to a face-to-face breaky, lunch or afterwork drinks and do it regularly.
  • Send a creative letter with a product to a prospect – an example would be an intro letter with a clever headline (Take a break on us) and something attached (Kit Kat, coffee card, tea bag)… I have sooooooo many ideas for this that I have used over the years.

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking.

These ideas are simple, create engagement, build ‘real life’ relationships and will get you an ROI for the time it takes to create them. Now go and have some fun!

P.S  I am keeping my best ones for my new Sales Without Socials program (that’s where the real gold will be shared).

You can get a few ideas to get started here but back sure you join the waitlist as the foundation round will be open soon.