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Is Social-Media-Marketing-Making making you feel physically sick?

“Social-media-marketing-making makes me feel physically sick.”


This is something a business owner said to me during the week.

I asked her what she meant and she told me that every time she thinks about having to post on social media, she gets anxious and will procrastinate and avoid doing it if she can. She feels physically ill at the thought of it. She shared that she wasn’t confident posting content and was always worried about how people would react to it. It literally gave her anxiety.

So, I asked her, “Why did you do it if then?”

Her response: “Because I have to. My competitors are on theirs.”

My response surprised her (coming from a marketer especially), “You don’t have to market on social media – there are a so many other ways (that won’t make you feel ill in the process).”


I’ve definitely had times I have felt like this…

So, this year I decided to do something about it.

And I decided to double down on what is working and find ways to integrate more ‘real person’ marketing into the mix.

That equals much less social media!


Like many solo business owners, I am focused on doing the work for my clients and my own marketing can fall by the wayside. It’s a common problem. So, what have I done and why is it making a massive positive impact on business?

  • I joined a weekly networking group to build another close cohort of like-minded business people (yes, real life conversations)
  • I made changes to my website to optimise the client experience
  • I send personalised cards in the mail regularly (which always get engagement)
  • I post a new blog every week which is repurposed on LinkedIn as a newsletter (I think of LinkedIn very differently to Facebook & Insta)
  • I have automated emails going to prospects on a consistent basis
  • I am having more in-person meetings
  • I am commenting regularly to posts on LinkedIn (it is eyeballs and starts conversations)
  • I am starting to do some regular YouTube ads (you have to try new things)
  • I created and refined a new lead magnet for a new program I am creating
  • I do some posts on FB that are repurposed from my emails and YouTube

And I am spending LESS time on marketing and getting better results.

I am not stressed about constant algorithm changes, worried about people liking a post or feeling like marketing is a chore.


I am going to dive a lot deeper into this in my new program SALES WITHOUT SOCIALS.

If you feel like social is a chore, you are sick of the constant changes and want to get off the hamster wheel then find out how you can do that.  I am super excited to share these proven, simple tactics that actually work.

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