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Commitment free Marketing – what if you could try before you commit?

BUT I’m not ready to commit to working with you…

How often do you search for a supplier and wish there was a sampler / taster / way to dip your toe into the water?

Often when presented with options you get a selection of budgets that require some level of commitment. And then here come the doubts around commitment. Our inner voice throws up a bunch of objections:

  • What if I don’t like working with them?
  • What if they don’t know what they say they do?
  • What if I spend a bunch of money without result?

What if, what if, what if ?????

So, WHAT IF there was a way to try before you commit?

Hey, I totally understand that you might not be ready to commit to working with a marketing consultant over a longer-term just yet. We barely know each other. And we both need to get a better understanding of what the other does and what you need going forward.

This is why starting with a 2-hour Exploration Session is the ideal way to start

What is it?

In this 2-hour session, we sit down and explore a number of areas in your business:

  • Your current marketing issues and challenges
  • Where do you think you might need help (this might differ to what you actually need)
  • Highlight the gaps in your current marketing
  • Do an audit of your current marketing and channels
  • Identify opportunities to improve your website, imagery & messaging
  • Recommendations and a plan for you to takeaway to action

Key Outcomes

  • Get a clear understanding of what you need to do
  • A fresh perspective from a marketing specialist with no agenda in trying to ‘flog’ a particular product on you to buy
  • Set some priorities for you to action
  • Next steps if I can help you (and if you are ready for this)

And what does it cost to explore?

You will only invest $597 + gst

At the end of the session there are 3 possible outcomes:

  1. 1. If at the end of our session, you’d like to talk further about working together and we both think it is a good fit, then we can go to the next stage.
  2. If you have homework that you need to go off and get done from the session, then you need time to do this.
  3. If you find the session wasn’t beneficial (which rarely happens) then we both go on our merry way.

Simple, hassle free way to dip your toe without a costly long term commitment.

Ready to give it a try?

Book a session before 30th June and save $100.

Yes, you do the math – that is only $497 + gst


There are few small conditions.

Your Exploration Session must be booked into my calender for June or July 2022. Payment must made in full prior to 30th June.


GOT Q’s OR WANT TO BOOK ONE then email me HERE