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The Power Of A Comment

In the world of marketing, everything we do forms an impression. From a social media post to not response to a call or email (yep that is marketing too).

It is all about touch points and the latest statistics say that it takes 31 touch points with your business before people will reach out to you. Pretty scary to think it takes that much exposure right?

But before you give up, or think “It’s all too hard, why bother?” consider how you can be seen without too much effort. A touch point doesn’t need to be a big deal like speaking at an event, it can be as simple as a comment or starting a conversation.

“Ok. So what do you mean by that, Tanya?”

Think about how you form a relationship with someone. You start with a simple greeting, which turns into a conversation, which turns into a relationship over time as you get to know each other.

You can do the same thing with marketing. And a very simple way is by using a commenting strategy.  Put simply, it involves commenting on relevant posts. Now I am not saying going a comment, “Hey great post!” on 180 posts. (thanks Gary V). I am saying make meaningful and authentic comments.

For example:

“Your article / post really resonated with me for XYZ reason.”

“I love this idea, thanks for sharing”

“Whilst I appreciate your perspective, I disagree with X point…”

You get the idea…

The key is being AUTHENTIC! Don’t comment for the sake of it. It needs to be genuine.

So why do this?

  • Because it gets your name in front of people in your network who might not know you.
  • It puts you on their radar as a person of interest
  • It starts conversations
  • Over time, you become known to them then at some point, you might take the conversation offline into real life (shocking I know)
  • It is another touch point
  • It can facilitate collaboration

Words have power and commenting and starting conversations is marketing in its simplest form. Better yet it is free and takes little time to do.  Try it and let me know how you go.


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