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Tick Tock, Not Tiktok

Time? It’s the one thing we want more of and we can never get back once it’s past. We can’t reverse time and we all only have the same amount each day. So how we spend it is vital.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

So, what you do with your time matters. As busy business owners and professionals, we have limited time. We all know that, so spending them doing the right things makes the difference. Especially when it comes to your marketing which is something many of us, leave to last on our list which means it often falls out.

So instead of focusing on channels like TikTok, get tick tocking on the right marketing tactics.

And I can safely say that Tiktok probably isn’t one of them. Hey, I love watching a funny Tiktok too but the number of businesses successfully using it to general revenue is limited. If you think about the amount of time it takes to come up with the idea (or even copy someone else’s), then create it, edit it, upload it, monitor comments, does it give you a return on that investment? Probably not!

“You might be thinking but Tiktok is the latest trend and everyone tells me I should be on it”. Think about who is telling you it’s the latest trend and that you should use it? It’s TikTok itself and those that are feeding the social media beast like social media marketers who rely on you to build their business.

Instead of wasting time on Tiktok, spend time on the marketing that actually works for you. Everyone is different here so how do you figure it out?

Step 1: Audit your marketing activities and note which ones generated any leads

Step 2: List your clients and ask what marketing activity they came from (including word of mouth)

Step 3: List the revenue they spend / value they offer – is it an ideal fit for your business goals?

Step 4: Of the tactics that aren’t working or giving you an ROI, what benefits are you getting from them? It is credibility, visibility or exposure as an expert?

Step 5: Double down on what is working best for you. If this is attending events, or sending a card in the mail, or writing articles on LinkedIn, then spend the most time playing there.

Step 6: Cut back or stop what isn’t working. If posting on social media 5 times a week generates crickets, then why do it? (unless you believe it contributes to Step 4)

Step 7: Do the work, then circle back in a set timeframe to do this audit again.


Marketing doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel or be trendy to work. Remember to spend your time wisely. Tick tock, not Tiktok.