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5 ways to help your support staff execute your marketing even if they have no idea what they are doing.

It is not uncommon in many businesses, especially professional services firms to expect the receptionist, admin support, or a junior staff member to execute basic marketing on their behalf.

But here is the big problem with that (and why it usually fails)….

They literally throw them in the deep end, throw a bunch of tasks at them, and then wonder why it doesn’t generate any sort of result.

Picture this scenario:
I want you to picture your first job in an office. You have no experience in marketing and your boss asks you to send out marketing emails and share posts on social media. You freak out inside and think to yourself, “OMG, I have no idea how to do that but I don’t want to ask as I don’t want them to think I can’t handle my job”. So you pull some content together not knowing if it is right for the target audience, where you should be sharing it or what you should be saying. Then you cross your fingers and hope your boss doesn’t yell at you.

That wouldn’t feel good, would it?

So why put your admin person, receptionist, or junior staff member through that?
That is not what makes a good leader (you know that it’s just lazy leadership)

Let’s explore some better ways to help your support staff instead.
Here are 5 ways to save your support team from drowning in those marketing tasks:

1. Outline tasks they need to do and include timelines
Start out by giving them a detailed list of the marketing tasks you want them to do for you. Include them in some sort of order or priority. Make sure you provide some sort of timelines as well. eg: monthly Electronic newsletter to sent on 1st of the month. Ensure they understand what is required and who to turn to for guidance

2. Give them the tools & software they need
If they need certain design tools or software, make sure they have what they need. This could be as simple as a free Canva account or a Mailchimp account to send email marketing communication. Like you, they cannot do their job without the right tools

3. Provide constructive feedback and guidance
Remember that if they are new to this, then it is likely confusing and a bit overwhelming. Have regular meetings with them to provide more detailed guidance to help them understand who your market is, what changes need to be made to the marketing communication, and most importantly, tell them why. This will help them learn how to refine it as they get more confident.

4. Allow time in their day to get it done
If you are giving them more tasks to do, make sure you give them the time to do it. Giving them extra tasks without the time is setting them up for failure and is unfair. You should know how long these tasks should take so allocate time accordingly.

5. Provide training to teach them
How do you learn new skills? You spend time learning them from an expert. Formal training to support there on job work, will help them learn much faster. And you benefit directly from this. If they are more proficient at these tasks you are going to see better outcomes from their efforts = more eyeballs on your business.

And speaking of training, I have created a 6-month Simple Marketing Program specifically for these junior staff starting on 1st August. Help them to help you!

And the best thing is, you pay for 6 months and get 12 months access to the training!!!
You’ll find all the details here