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1 piece of content – 14 ways!

The number 1 reason I hear from business owners for not actively marketing on digital channels is this – I don’t know what content to create and I don’t have time to do it anyway!

I am going to take away that excuse right now. Creating content, just like all your marketing should be simple. There are 3 main types of content and my favourite is repurposed content.

Repurposed content is the existing content you are repeating or reusing. It sounds simple enough because it is!

So, let me share with you how to take one piece of content and use it 14 ways. That’s right, 1 piece of content can become 2 weeks worth of content.

Ready? Let’s go

Ok let’s take something popular like a blog. So, you’ve posted your blog on your website. (that’s no 1) – What now?

2. Turn the blog into a vlog or video blog

The next thing you can do is turn that blog into a video. You already have the script so use an app like BIGVU and upload the script then film the video using the blog content. Tip: be sure to change it to suit the format of video and not the written word

3. Use in email funnel to clients

I use mainly repurposed video in my email marketing. It’s easy for people to consume, stares a lot of value in 2 minutes and educates my clients. Add the video to whatever email platform you use and share it with your target audience.

4. Slice into small quotes and snippets in Canva and share

I looove Canva and use it every single day. It is perfect way to quickly create several visual snippets or quotes from the main article and stare out on social.

You can sign up here if you don’t already have an account
I promise you will LOVE it!

5. Turn into a short animated video

You’ve created one type of video so how about mixing it up and creating an animated video. The perfect tool for this is Lumen 5 which I spoke about in a video

6. Turn into an infographic

Depending on the content in your blog, you can turn it into an infographic. Again, this is easy to do in Canva and if it is evergreen (meaning you can use it at any time of the year), then you win over and over.

7. Create an article on LinkedIn

Take your blog and copy and paste it as a linked in article. Not a post – an article is different. This is another touchpoint and allows someone that doesn’t see your blog content to view it on LinkedIn. It will take you 5 minutes to do so no excuses

8. Use it as a Facebook ad campaign or boosted post

To get your blog to a wider audience you need to do some paid marketing. Two simple options are to boost the post on Facebook or run an ad campaign to a targeted audience. (I cover more on this in my Marketing Made Simple Online course coming soon)

9. Use it as a Q&A or FAQ resource

You likely get asked a lot of questions over and over again by clients right? Add your blog content as a resource for questions about the answer you have written about. You can do this on a FAQ page and link to the blog OR share it in an email when they enquire. Both quick & simple!

10. Share the blog on Medium

Medium is the world’s largest blogging platform. You will find all types of content and information here. It is best if your audience is global but it is another way to share your blog – you never know who might read it.

But wait there’s more……


11. Turn it in a Slideshare deck

Slideshare, owned by LinkedIn, is a great resource if you are researching or looking for specific information. It is basically the home of the slide deck. It also is another way for you to share your blog content if you turn it into a slide deck and allow people to find it when they need it.

12. Repurpose or recycle the blog in the future.

This is a super simple one I suggest to all my clients. Most people have a bunch of old content that just sits there. Why are you reusing it? All you need to do is update the headline, image, and any old stats and share it again as a new blog post

13. Put into a fact sheet, white paper or ebook

A blog can be used in a larger piece of content to share with your target audience. I have taken quality blog content and turned it into a lead generation Fact Sheet for my clients and my own businesses.

14. Expand into a podcast subject

If you are a podcaster or one to be one in the future, then keep a list of all the great blogs you have created and use them as a foundation for your podcast conversations. You can refer back to the key points and expand in more detail and even add commentary from other people.


Do you love all these ideas?

Now you absolutely NO EXCUSE to not be sharing content consistently. I have just given you 14 ways to do this.

Make sure you DOWNLOAD my Repurposing Content infographic so you have your own copy.

This is just a fraction of the marketing knowledge that lives inside my brain. And if you need help or want to find out more ways to make your marketing simple, schedule a time to chat.

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