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Tradigital Marketing: How to integrate traditional & digital for maximum results

There is a paradigm shift regarding the way people consume marketing messages. Traditional marketing might be the conversation starter but digital is the new destination as usually the first portal to get more detail (think Google). In other words, it is not “traditional” vs. “digital,” its “tra-digital” that will generate better results. The same applies for traditional instore environments.

Using digital platforms like digital signage in traditional spaces can not only assist in increasing sales at point purchase, assist with wait warping (the perceived wait time for customers) and so on but it also creates cost efficiencies in your business, allowing you and your team to be more effective on a daily basis

As a starting point, think how digital platforms can help you in your daily business processes. For example: think about a traditional retail store chain. Often they will print thousands of promotional posters to be shipped to each store and put up on a certain date. There is a huge amount of work in this one task. From initial concept and design, to printing, shipping then hoping that each store follows the marketing teams instructions and puts them in store when needed (and doesn’t forget to pull all the old posters down). That process can takes weeks.

Imagine a much different scenario in which the store replaces traditional print posters with digital point of sale in the form of digital screens in their store window. Yes the cost is higher initially but being able to completely manage and implement new campaigns with the push of a button saves a huge amount of resources on an ongoing basis. You are saving on printing, shipping and labour costs every time you use this digital channel. Not to mention the bigger impact great screen content can have in attracting customers who would’ve walked straight past your myriad of posters.

The communicated message should also tie in with your traditional marketing so if you have an offer being promoted on TV and radio the same offer needs to be promoted in store so there is a direct synergy, no mixed messages and customers understand the correlation. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Now I hear you say “I cannot afford to implement digital point of sale into all my stores”. My response would be “you can’t afford not to”. The benefits outway the costs and you’re competitors will be implementing it so don’t get left behind. Also you can take a phased approach and implement into your key stores first then tweak it as you roll it out to other stores. There are often also finance options which means you can implement now and use the revenue from additional sales and cost efficiencies you have achieved to fund the rollout.

You will convert more customers, be able to better control your marketing messages and save money for your business. It’s a win, win, win!
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