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Don't forget the BASICS!

I love the digital world and I am digital girl but one thing that annoys me is businesses that skip the basic principles when delivering marketing messages to their audience.

Everything from readable content on digital signs to having your contact details and address on your website. I see it constantly! Nothing is more annoying for your potential customers than unreturned emails, hard to find contact information or confusing messaging.

So here are my BASICS. See if you tick all the boxes or if you need to go back to basics!

B     Be polite, promote and passionate – remember your passion comes through in everything you do and every customer transaction. No matter what always be polite and promote what your brand stands for

A    Answer your emails and customer enquiries – it should go without saying however I have lost count with the amount of email enquiries I have sent to businesses that have gone unanswered. Lost sales!

S    Say what you do and do what you say – clearly state what you do in lamens terms on your website and marketing and do what you say you will.

I      Integrate with other marketing platforms – make sure you carry your message across all marketing platforms so the customers can opt in from every platform they chose to

C     Call to action – don’t forget to tell your customers what you want them to do.

S     Simple is best – don’t overcomplicate everything.

Get the basics right before progressing to more complex strategies and solutions for your business. And if you need an ‘outside in’ perspective, talk to us about doing a Digital Review.