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The 1% strategy

As high achievers, entrepreneurs and busy corporates we are often goal focused right? What are our goals & milestones for the week, month or year? How do we get there? Where do we start? It often seems overwhelming and like everything in life, if it’s too hard, then we often give up or choose an easier path.

I have discovered a new strategy and way of thinking that I am applying to business and life in general. It is called the 1% strategy. It is very simple and just wanting to improve by 1% each day, month or year, depending on the goal. Breaking it down feels more achievable and realistic but adds up over time.

Relate this back to your digital strategy or education and measure it weekly to see the results. This could be as simple as:

  • Adding 1% off new fans on Facebook or Twitter
  • Add 1% of newsletter subscribers a day to build your database
  • Increasing engagement levels of your Linked in posts by 1% each week
  • Increasing website visitors by 1% each day
  • Increasing ecommerce store sales by 1% a day

And of course each 1% increases your base so the 1% actually gets bigger each week.

So rather than getting overwhelmed with the big picture break down your goals using the 1% strategy and see what difference it makes to your mindset and results.