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These are the social recruiting mistakes that many recruiters make (and don’t even realise it).

Social recruiting has become a key part of almost every top hiring operation. In fact, only 4% of recruiters don’t use social media in the recruiting process. An overwhelming 92% use social media regularly! However the difference is most recruiters are doing it all wrong. Posting a job ad or have a Facebook page is not social recruiting!

Social recruiting is much more than just finding candidates on social media and can have a very positive impact in attracting passive candidates if it is done the right way. Here are some mistakes most recruiters make when it comes to social.

  • Not having a social recruiting strategy
  • Not being authentic and relatable
  • Not having quality content (consistently)
  • Not setting goals or measuring your social analytics & insights
  • Not encouraging sharing and cross promoting


Social recruiting

Not creating a social recruiting strategy

You don’t get in the car and drive to a new destination without have some sort of roadmap or plan on how to get there so why do you do it in business. Social recruiting is important for your business and the first place to start is with creating a plan of attack, strategy or roadmap. This should address a few key areas:

  • Why are you on social media
  • What are you top 3 social goals for the next 6-12 months
  • What social channels should you be using?
  • How are you going to succeed?
  • What are your key metrics & KPI’s for success

Not being authentic  

Be real, be relatable and most importantly be authentic to your brand and culture. Candidates can very quickly see when you are not being true to your brand. The big guys like Nike and Coca Cola do this well and even though you don’t have their massive budgets you can take the basics and build a brand that is authentically true to you.

Just remember social is about people. Candidates and clients are people first and foremost so the human element is a touch point for connection. Job ad after job ad is not engaging and is doing nothing for your reputation, nor will it get social results. You will get more success by authentic engagement and conversation rather than job blasts.


Not having quality content

Social recruiting is time consuming so posting regular, high quality content to your social channels is important. (another reason why your strategy is so important). If you don’t have a strategy around the kind of content you should be sharing on social media, then how do you know what you need to create?

Posting the right content can help you engage a broad audience of relevant candidates and get real results from social. Make it visual, make it interesting, be transparent, curate & create content and use digital tools to make it easier and save you time, money & resources.

Not setting goals or measuring your social analytics & insights

This is one of the most common mistakes I see by recruiters. Very rarely does a business have set goals for their social media growth nor do they look at the data and analytics which allows them to track their progress.

Your data is key to social growth. Every channel has free analytics that tell you a lot about your audience and how they are interacting with you. You should be looking at this every week, monitoring your key metrics and then changing your content to suit. You will be ale to see what content is getting the best engagement so do more of what is working and less of what is not. common sense right!


Not encouraging sharing or cross promoting across channels

Social recruiting allows you to share and amplify your marketing messages to a bigger audience than you alone have. Your goal is to get every piece of employer brand content that you post to social to be shared and re-shared by your target audience which amplifies the reach significantly. If if adds value to your audiences day, if they learn something or it entertains them, the chances of it being shared increase.

Always ask yourself: “Is this something that I would recommend, comment on, read or share on social media?” If the answer is no, it might be worth taking your finger off the trigger and finding something better.

New York Times study boiled sharing down to one simple factor – relationships! 49% of people said they share introduce others to valuable or interesting content.

A remember to get seen by more potential clients & candidates, share your content across channels to maximise exposure.

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